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Yochi Yabe
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Yoichi Yabe
His theme in photography is to “Capture the Wind”.

A Japanese photographer nicknamed YO, Yoichi Yabe has been taking pictures on the water all over the world for more than 20 years.
His international debut as a photographer was in 1989 when he had a chance to photograph major yachting events in Europe like the Admiral’s Cup, Laser Worlds, Tjorn Runt, La Nioulargue, Whitbread Round The World Race, with strong backing from a Japanese publisher called Kazi Co., where he had started his career as its staff photographer.
Since then, he has covered numerous yachting pinnacles, the America’s Cup (since 1992), the Olympic Games (Barcelona, Atlanta), Whitbread/Volvo Race, Mini Transat, BOC/5 Oceans Solo Round the world, the Race, and the list just goes on.

One of his favorite yacht races is the Transpac (to Hawaii, of course!). He has been onboard the Japanese racing boats, Bengal II, Bengal 7 and Tachyon, and did 4 Transpac so far to make their record books.
His love in beautiful curves and craftsmanship led him to the world of wooden boats. At home in Japan, he crews for 1972 S&S varnished mahogany sailboat named Khamsin, and in Europe, he is a regular face at Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge as a photographer.
Yoichi also loves cruising and travelling and has done a lot of travel stories for various magazines.
He started his own company named Office 11 to broaden his activities in 1995, while keeping good relationship with Kazi Co as a contracted chief photographer.

Speaking and writing in both Japanese and English, he is always interested in cross cultural projects. Enjoying taking photographs and writing stories more than ever, Yoichi is very happy to join the team Sea & Co.